Thursday, September 1, 2011

Music Is My Motivator... song of the week

This week I was going to post something heavy again like Slipknot or an old school Deftones song, but I decided against it.  I have been hearing this particular song all week at the perfect moments, and it has put me in a good mood every time.  Every time I was in a bit of a slump I would either turn the station and it would just be starting, or it would randomly come on as soon as I would get the urge to hear it.  This morning I turned on my Pandora radio and thought "it would be awesome if The Good Life came on", and guess what the first song to play was, The Freakin' Good Life.  So I have to post One Republic's "The Good Life" as my Song Of The Week.  The video is really awesome as well.  I like how they used stop motion and a crap ton of pictures to make it, it's pretty damn amazing.  I usually try to listen to this one when I don't feel 100% and try to think positive about things, it really makes me feel great.  I hope I can pass this on to all of you, and as always I hope you enjoy it.

.....P.S.  I also added all of my Music Is My Motivator songs on their own page, the link can be found just under my followers.  This way you can see them all at once and listen to your favorites over and over.  I will tag all future Music Is My Motivator posts there as well.

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