Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Progress ....

I am almost finished with my first Grey Hunter Pack.  I kind of did a bunch of things backwards and it has cost me some time.  Now that I learned from them, the rest of the army shouldn't take me as long to paint.  I have to finish a few little details on these guys, including their Pack/Company markings and the bases.  I will definitely have them finished this weekend, then I will finish the Green Stuff work on my Thunderwolf Clavary.

Here are the WIP pics as they stand now:

I am also currently reading Gav Thorpe's Path of the Seer when I am not painting.  It is an awesome book, I like a bit more than Path of the Warrior.  I will also finish that this weekend and do a little review on it.

Thanks for tuning in,

-The Man Behind The Mask-

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HOTpanda said...

Your Space Wolves are coming along great and I am blown away by their faces. Your ability to highlight the facial expression adds a realistic approach to your models. Would love to see a step by step tutorial on how you pulled it off.