Friday, September 16, 2011

And we have another completion !!

I have completed one more ferocious warrior of Erik's Vlka Fenryka.  I paint the whole pack in an assembly line fashion, until the final highlight on the armor and basing.  I like to paint the final armor highlight and then base the models one at a time so I can spray the Dull Coat sealer on them right away.  This gives me the assurance that my paint job will be safe, and the model really comes to life when the sealer dries, I like to see that happen with each individual model.
Here is the latest addition to Erik Morkai's Great Company:

Here are some more shots

This army is coming along very well.  I will try to step up the progress, but I do have two jobs and try to find the time to paint in between the two.   I will try to get it moving along faster though, I hope you all are enjoying it so far.  I am also stuck on which song I am going to post for my Song Of The Week in the morning.  I am listening to a few that I heard this week right now, be on the look out for that one to post in the afternoon.  
As always, thanks for tuning in, and I will try to keep things updated frequently.  Feel free to send feedback via comments or email, both would be appreciated very much.

Thanks for tuning in,

-The Man Behind The Mask-


Odin Stormfist said...

What colors are you using on your wolves armor?

Thanks in advance

The Man Behind the Mask said...

Codex Grey and Fortress Grey

I am Base Coating them Codex Gray (applied with an Air Brush). They are then Black Lined using Badab Black, then touched up with Codex Grey. The First highlight is a 50:50 Mix of Codex and Fortress Grey. The final highlight is a thin line of Fortress Grey.