Monday, September 12, 2011

One More Model Closer ....

I have been swamped once again and have had hardly any hobby time.  I did finish one more Grey Hunter the other night though, and I can't wait to finish the whole army.  I am going to try and hit this unit and the rest of the army hard this week, hopefully I will get some good progress by the end of the weekend.  Here are some shots of the newest member of the Pack.

I wanted the meltagun to look like it has been used quite a bit.  I painted the muzzle boltgun metal then I washed it in rings as follows: Gryphonne Sephia, Baal Red, Asurumen Blue, then Badab Black.  I then added a highlight of Chainmail to the back of the muzzle.  I am pleased with the result.  I also added a little icicle to this base, it was pretty easy to pull off.  You just pour a small amount of Woodland Scenic's Water Effects onto a piece of Wax paper then drag parts of it away with a toothpick, then let it dry.  You then peel them off the paper and adhere them with a small amount of Water Effects, the result is pretty awesome.  I will have more pics up soon so stay tuned.

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