Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost Finished

So I am at the final stages of finishing my first Pack of Grey Hunters.  I found that I did a lot of things backwards when painting them in an assembly line, and it cost me a lot time.  I will be changing that on the next round.  I am doing all the final highlights, details, and basing on each of them individually at this point.  I prefer to do it this way so I can Dull Coat them as soon as they are finished.
Here is a pic of the first modelof the completed Pack:

I am more than pleased with the outcome.  I am going to try to knock the rest of them out today, so hopefully I will have more pics up by tomorrow.  The next time I paint a unit of Hunters I will take step-by-step pictures so you all can see my process.  I will be finishing up the sculpting on my Thunder Wolves after this unit, so it might be a couple of weeks before the step-by-step pics are up.  
Here are some more pics at different angles:

Thanks for tuning in,

-The Man Behind The Mask-


Remi said...

Love the colors of your work. Clean, smooth and subtle blending... the "chalk"-like color of the palette you use. Definitely a step-up from your Exodite Army (which is amazing in it's own right), but the refinement of the style is something else. Are you planning all of your guys in this standard?

The Man Behind the Mask said...

Yes the whole army will be to this standard. I have the first Pack pretty close to being finished. I would have finished them this weekend, but I ran out of Dull Coat.