Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Is My Motivator Mondays .... Sound Good ??

Since life has been hectic on my end, I have found that it is easier to post my regular weekly posts on Mondays.  For this reason, I think I am going to change my Song Of The Week posts from Fridays to Mondays.   I kind of like the way "Monday Music Is My Motivator, Song Of The Week" sounds better anyway.  So from here on out I will be posting a Monday Music Is My Motivator post.

This week I posted "Sweet Talk" by Deer and the Headlights.  They are a local band here in Arizona.  I played in a band locally here in Arizona from 2004 to 2010 and I have watched these guys blossom over the years.  They are quite good, and they have been gaining a lot of ground lately.  I heard this song on Local Frequency Live on X103.9 FM the other night, I knew I had to share this one with you all this week.  I hope  you all enjoy it  .......

I couldn't leave you all without some hobby related stuff either.  Here are some pictures of my latest model for my Infinity army.  This is my Highlander Cateran Sniper.  I am LOVING this game.  I Airbrushed the 180 degree Line Of Fire marks on his base, they are crucial to game play.  I highly recommend this game to all of you.  It is a blast to play.  I will have to post some of the missions I have wrote for our tournaments at the Battle Foam Gaming Saloon.  Specific missions make this game 10X more fun.

I really need a new Photobox.  All of my pictures have been coming out too grainy lately (I am a perfectionist to the core). All of my models look far better in person, and it bugs me that the pictures look sub-par (in my opinion) when I post them.  I hope you all enjoy anyway ......

Thank for tuning in,

-The Man Behind The Mask-

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Belated Post From The Slacker ...

I didn't get this up last Friday due to my time constraints.  I had to run an Infinity tournament this last Saturday at the Battle Foam Gaming Saloon.  I am very new to this game so I have spent the last two weeks immersing myself in the rules.  This is one of the reasons my posts have been lacking.  The most interesting part of this game is the ability to fire on your opponents in both turns of the game.  The more I play this game, the more I like it.  This has unfortunately caused me to put my wolves on the back burner for a bit.  I will be getting back to them soon, but for now I will be trying to knock out a couple models for my Caledonian Highlanders.  Here is one of my line troops, a Caledonian Volunteer.  I wanted to go with the Highlander "Black Watch" colors for the Tartan.  The models are actually the most challenging models I have painted in a while.  They are 28mm, but are a bit smaller than GW models.  The details are crazy small.  I will do a size comparison later this week.  If you would like to check out more on infinity check out their website at

I am going to leave you with a Monday edition of Music Is My Motivator since I missed it on Friday.  I hope you all enjoy "All I Ever Wanted"  by Airborne Toxic Event.

Thanks for Tuning in,

-The Man Behind The Mask-

Friday, October 14, 2011

We Need More Hours In The Day!!!

What has two thumbs and apparently doesn't know how to use the other eight fingers, .... THIS GUY!!!!  I am sorry I missed last Fridays post, I have been slammed with work and life stuff.  I really wish I had about four extra hours in a day.  I do have a gaming update though.
I have recently stumbled upon Infinity and I absolutely love it.  If you aren't familiar with the game go check it out at  Infinity is a 28mm skirmish style game based around Black Ops sabotage missions.  It is set 175 years into the future and has an anime feel to the model range.  The game system is really interesting, you basically always have a turn.  I am running an event this weekend so I will post more about the rules in a later post, my lunch break is running out so I have to go.  On to the song of the week!

I wanted to go with a heavy song this week to express my frustration with lack of hobby time, for this we head back to Five Finger Death Punch. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

-The Man Behind The Mask-