Friday, August 26, 2011

Music Is My Motivator... song of the week

So tonight I had about an hour to dedicate towards painting.  I got all of the shoulder pads to where they need to be.  I just have to add the pack markings and one final quick highlight (which will be done last so they don'e get rubbed off).  I will have some more pics up after this weekend.  If I can get a hold of a tripod, I would love to do a little video tutorial of how I produce my Power Axes.  I will do my best to accomplish that goal for you all, on to the Song of the Week!
This week I wanted to go with another side of my taste in music and post something a little more aggressive.  I chose to post "Two Weeks" by All That Remains.  I have been a fan of these guys for about Five years now.  Most of their stuff was a bit underground when I stumbled on them, but they have become pretty popular lately.  This song is a good one to pump you up for a knock down drag out battle.  I hope you all enjoy it, and tune in every Friday for a new Song of the Week.

Thanks for Tuning In,

-The Man Behind The Mask-

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