Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Erik Morkai's Company vs. Grey Knights

The other night I had the opportunity to play against the new Grey Knights for the first time.  My friend Matt brought his Knights down to Battle Foam and we ended up playing a Seize Ground mission with four objectives, Pitched Battle deployment.  The first three objectives ended up being placed on the same half of the table, so I placed the last one inside of a building on the other end of the table.   The Grey Knights deployed first.  Matt Had two five man Terminator units, two ten man Purgation Squad units in Rhino’s, a Grand Master with a retinue of Paladin’s (including an Apothecary), and a little surprise that I didn’t notice until the game began. 
I tried to steal initiative but failed.  On the first turn I lost one of my Vindicators to a Turbo Penetrator round from Matt’s Vindicare Assassin (that was the surprise I didn’t notice).  I didn’t even see it on the table, true to Vindicare form.  Matt then moved his Rhinos up to block one objective, both Purgation Squads disembarked on the side of them, out of my line of sight. 
On my first turn my Drop Pod came in and delivered a full Pack of Grey Hunters onto the objective on the far side of the table, they would hold this uncontested for the duration of the game.  My surviving Vindicator moved up the middle and took out one Terminator with a not so well aimed siege shell.  The rest of my shooting didn’t do any damage and it was on to turn two. 
The second turn opened my eyes to a great little Grey Knight power called Astral Aim, this allows the unit to fire without needing line of sight to the target.  Matt uses his Rhino as moving cover, so when the Purgation Squad passed their psychic test, they can fire their weapons while hiding behind the Rhino.  I had sixteen Psycannon rounds and  twelve Storm Bolter rounds come crashing into me, and he had two units like that.  My Long Fangs didn’t last too long against that. 
My second turn started by Erik Morkai and his Wolf Scouts moving on the left table edge within charge range of one of the Purgation Squads.  My shooting was horrendous, but combat was glorious.  I wiped out all but one of the Purgation knights and I only lost four scouts.  Jarv Valdsam did very well being able to re-roll to  hit and to wound rolls due to the Preferred Enemy and dual Wolf Claws combo. 
The rest of the game was mainly combat based.  I moved my Rune Priest and his unit up to contest one objective.  My Thunder Wolves took out one of the Terminator Units, but not before two of them fell as well.  The Grand Master and his retinue charged Erik’s Unit and took out all the scouts, only Erik and Jarv remained.  The second scout unit arrived and charged in to help Erik, although Psychotroke grenades caused half the unit (Including my Wolguard Jagare) to attack each other.  They still managed to kill all the Paladins before withdrawing back to cover.  Erik Morkai finished off the Apothecary and at the end of the game He and the Grand Master stood alone locked in combat.  Erik Morkai was unscathed, but the Grand Master had been wounded in the last round of combat.
The Game ended at the end of Turn 5 on a roll of a two.  I ended pulling out the victory with two Objectives to Matt’s one.  It was a very fun game, and I learned a lot in this one.
I will have some pictures of the progress on my wolves up here in the next couple of days so be on the lookout for that.

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-The Man Behind The Mask-          

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