Monday, July 25, 2011

Jägare Våldsam, The Unseen Death.

I have just finished the last addition to my revised list.  This is Jägare Våldsam, The Unseen Death.  Jägare is the paternal twin brother of Järv Våldsam.  Jägare finds no better satisfaction than to stalk his prey, unseen for as long as necessary, waiting for the right moment to deliver the perfect killing blow.  He believes that the perfect hunter can dispatch any prey with one well calculated strike.
Jägare will lead the second pack of Wolf Scouts in my army.  His addition will give that pack the edge they need to become all the more dangerous.  Wolf Scouts are awesome because they can come in from reserve from any table edge, but their 4+ armor save can see them quickly taken care of in most situations.  I am hoping that with the addition of Jägare this pack will have more staying power in my future games.  His ability to, potentially, dispatch up to four opponents each turn will keep the opposition at a low.
I constructed his frost axe out of Plasticard, Green Stuff, and bitz from the sprue.  I used a power drill to achieve the round edges of the interior of the blade.  The rest was shaved down with my hobby knife.  I will work on a video tutorial of my method here in the next couple of weeks.  I will post it on my blog if it works out.  
Until then, here are the WIP pics of Jägare Våldsam, The Unseen Death:


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Deathgod said...

That dude's name is almost as awesome as the name of my warboss, Badass McBadass. Well, that's not very orky is it. I'll think of something better. Love the model, bro!