Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Addition to the Great Company of Morkai

I would like to introduce Trogen Svärdstrejk, personal Wolf Guard to Rune Priest Herren Ijungeld.  Trogen is armed with a power sword and will be adding four more devastating attacks to Herren's Pack.
I chose to add a Wolf Guard to Herren's Pack because I didn't want to lose any extra special weapons in my other two Grey Hunter Packs.  In my opinion this will be helpful though, now Herren's unit will be seven strong and will include his Runic Axe (Force Weapon), a Powerfist, and a Power Sword.  That combination, along with the Counter Charge special rule, should tear a nice chunk out of any unit that wants to charge them. 
This model proves that not all conversions need to be difficult and complex to be effective.  Sometimes all a conversion needs is a little tweak here and a small addition there to get the job done.  The original arm is posed straight out and limits the options for posing.  I wanted Trogen's pose to be more of an "at the ready" stance, not a "Charge!!" stance, so the arm had to be modified.  All I did was cut the sword of the original arm (hand still attached) and add it to a different arm that suited the pose better, simple yet effective. 
Here are the WIP pics of Trogen Svärdstrejk, The Sword of Faith:


Stay tuned for the WIP pics of the third Wolf Guard to be added to Morkai's Great Company.  Friday's "Music Is My Motivator" song of the week is also just around the corner as well. 
I must sign off now, but as always ...

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