Monday, July 18, 2011

Bolstering The Packs

In my latest round of our campaign I was pitted against a relentless Tyranid Swarm.  We played a Dawn of War Capture and Control mission on a city fight table.  In this match I had to play with 100 pts less than usual due to my attempt to take the Hive city.  The game was exciting and I was barely able to pull the win off in the last turn (thanks to moving an extra 6” on the roads and a roll of a 1 for turn extension), I held one objective and contested the other one.
After this game I realized that it might be a good idea to remove the Speeder for now and disperse the points to bolster some of my other units.  This will give my opponents one less potential kill point and it would make a couple other units more deadly.  I chose to add three Wolf Guard to my army, one for each of my scout units, and one for my Rune Priest’s unit.
This post will focus on the Wolf Guard Järv Våldsam.  Järv is armed with two Wolf Claws, and he will join my Scout Pack that includes Erik Morkai.  I wanted Järv in this unit so he will benefit from Preferred Enemy, then I can choose to re-roll wounds with his Wolf Claws.  This will be a brutal addition to that Pack, they can potentially enter from any table edge and have Eight Powerweapon attacks, four of which are rerolling failed to hit and to wound rolls!  This will be the perfect unit for assassinating Independent Characters. 
Here are the first WIP shots of Järv Våldsam.  I had to remake the Wolf Claws because I can’t stand the regular pose.  I used a combination of arms with the chainswords cut off and the base of the Wolf Claws.  I then drilled holes into the claws big enough for the arms to slide in, this allowed me to rotate the claws until they reached the desired position.  I used Green stuff to scuplt the power cords along the back of the arm. 

I will post WIP pics of the other Wolf Guard throughout the week so be on the lookout for those.

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Ultraraider said...

Really exceptional work so far on your wolves. Only 1 problem I see, which I just faced with my army. Due to the ultra high level of conversion/painting youve accomplished with your prototypes you may find your level of detail start to wain as you progress further and further. I wish you best of luck to avoid this and I hope you are able to maintain this standard throughout your army. Im looking forward to regularly following your progress with this project.