Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heroic Action Table ... in Action

I am almost finished with the FSA fleet I am painting for Romeo, which means I should be posting progress of my Wolves quite frequently.  I did however want to talk about the benefits of the Heroic Action Table (HAT) in our Campaign.  If you weren’t familiar with it, you can read it in detail at the following link:
I have found that the HAT table has added a whole new aspect to our campaign by making character development a big part of it.  I was lucky enough to be the first player to earn a roll on the HAT with my Rune Priest.  I achieved this when I played Kyle and his Night Lords.  By the end of the fourth turn my Rune Priest had successfully cast Living Lighting four times with a total of 17 shots, I hit with all 17 shots (I don’t run a Chooser of the Slain, so I was hitting on 3+).  He destroyed two Rhinos and finished off a squad of knight lords giving him a total of 3 of my 6 killpoints of the game.  At the end of the game he had only missed with two of his 23 shots.  Kyle elected that I would be making a roll on the shooting portion of the HAT due to my incredible accuracy.  I ended up gaining the ability to re-roll one miss per game (I was hoping to get +1 BS or +1 to my shot profile, maybe next time).  I found myself immediately searching for a suitable name and background for him, he is now known as Herren Ijungeld, The Fury of Fenris (pronounced: Haren Yulengeld, it is Swedish for “Lord of Lightning”).  I am working on a proper background which I will have up when I finish Painting him. 
The HAT not only adds character to the campaign, but also to my army in general.  I now have a name for my character that means something, not just one that I made up. I will always remember and document Herren’s accomplishments (which is fitting of The Space Wolves and their sagas) from here on out.  I would definitely suggest using the HAT in your campaigns as well it will definitely make things more exciting and fun.
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