Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still working .....

I finished up the dragon portion of my "Fire Prism" earlier today, well all but the wings.  I have to say I am pleased with it.  I am going to start painting the rider tonight.  Hopefully I will have it finished by Friday.  I was also messing around on Photoshop last night so I can get another battle report up.  I only took a couple pictures of the 3000 pt battle (I was strapped for time, so I couldn't spend the time needed for pictures) so I need to Photoshop them to make it a bit more interesting.  It was an awesome game, and there is a lot of info I wanted to share.  Hint: Runes of Warding are AMAZING against a Daemon Prince.  I will try to post that by the end of the weekend, until then here is a couple of pics of the "Prism".  I used NMM techniques for the armor.

I thank you all for tuning in, I really do try my best to keep this as entertaining as possible.

Thank you all for your time,

-The Man Behind the Mask-

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