Friday, February 19, 2010

More of the Lileath-Aean Exodites

I have had a pretty busy day and I haven't had much time to paint, so I'm a little behind on my "prism".  I thought I would post some of the other pictures of Yvenaurael's Exodite force.  I will also be posting the background for the Lileath-Aean Exodites once I get it all edited for the blog.  Enjoy the pictures.

Dragon Lord Ach'ielles "counts as" Scorpion Exarch.

Ach'ielles and his Dragon Knights "counts as" Striking Scorpions.

Dragon Knight on Wyvern "counts as" Fire Prism.

Dragon Lord on Great Dragon "counts as" Wraithlord.

Great Dragon vs Trygon , the Trygon was painted by Jimmy Macias of Empire Games in Arizona.

Rha'zael outcast shadowseer "counts as" Shadowseer.

Keeper's of Dreams "counts as" Harlequins.

Keeper's of Dreams



High Warriorseer Sheandreal "counts as" Eldrad Ulthran.


Royal Guardians "counts as" Dire Avengers.

Royal Guardians

That's the army so far, .... I am still building on it though.  I can't wait to finish it.

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-The Man Behind the Mask-

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