Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lileath-Aean Exodites; Protectors of the Maiden worlds.

Before I start any new army, I usually spend a couple of weeks just going through the codex.  I like to read all of the "fluff", and really get a good feel of how I would like my army to work on the table-top.  When I first got into Warhammer 40k I was immediately drawn to the Eldar.  I really liked the look and feel of the models.  I had played Ulthwe for awhile and then I read about the Exodites.  I always like fielding models that are quite unique, so I took on the exciting challenge of building an Exodite army of my own design.
The name comes from the purest white moon of the original Eldar homeworld, Lileath the Maiden moon.  In Eldar "fluff" Lileath was the Maiden goddess of dreams.  I thought this would be appropriate because the Exodites are said to reside on Maiden worlds colonized by the Eldar before The Fall.  The Lileath-Aean clan is charged with protecting these Maiden worlds and the Webway portals that connect them to their Eldar bretheren.  

Here is my army as it stands, there are still some units I am working on.

This is the Planet's King, Yvenaurael.  He "counts as" my eldar Avatar.  I converted the mount from a Carosaur model and LOTS of "Green Stuff".  The King himself was converted from a Lord of Slaanesh, the head from the Fuegan model, and various bitz from my bitz box.

All the pigments are NMM, it gives a nice soft tone to the model.  The armor is supposed to be the equivelent to wraithbone armor.

Since I tied the Lileath-Aean to the Maiden Moon, I thought it would be fitting to represent this on the Kings shield. 

I have been waiting for this moment since the first time I saw a preview of the Trygon model!!!!  The Trygon model was painted by Jimmy Macias of Empire Games in Arizona.  

A closer look at the carnage yet to come.

Yvenaurael going in for the kill.

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures, I will be posting more pictures of the army throughout the week.

Thanks for tuning in, 

-The Man Behind the Mask-

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