Saturday, June 25, 2011

For the Allfather, For Russ, For Fenris !!!!

Way back in the vaults of time I was part of a campaign known as "The Eye of Terror".  During this time I represented the Craftworld of Ulthwe.  Although I enjoyed shredding through opponents in true Eldar fashion, I was always drawn to the Space Wolves that were featured in that Codex.  The Codex: Eye of Terror featured the long lost 13th Company, and they were pretty brutal.  I read the background on this chapter and instantly felt at home, I thought their anti-authoritarian viking nature was just awesome!  I didn't get the chance to build a Space Wolves army due to the chaotic requirements of everyday life, but the army had always had a special place in my hobbyist heart.
When the new Codex was released I knew it was something I had to dive into.  After reading through the Codex (paying special attention to the Wolf Lords section) I decided to make a 1750 pt list for every Wolf Lord based off of their Fluff.  I was immediately drawn to my Erik Morkai list so, needless to say, that is the list I chose to start with.  

Here is the test model I painted for my Erik Morkai Space Wolves:

I based all of the models with heavy city debris.  I haven't built a city based army yet so I figured this was the army to do it with.  I will be posting my progress on this army as I build and paint it.  

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