Thursday, March 4, 2010

Background for Nuadhunn Bale Gaze

Brandon was kind enough to send me the background for his Autarch Nuadhunn Bale Gaze to share with you all.  I wanted to post it so that all the readers could get a better feel for the characters in our battle reports.  The full background for the Lileath-Aean can be found in an older post below.

Nuadhunn Bale Gaze:
Nuadhunn Bale Gaze descendent of Nuadhu Fireheart.

Nuadhunn had reputation for being bold and brash even amongst his kinsmen of Saim Hann, the Wild-Riders.

Before Young Nuadhunn had earned his Dakiilithyli and his place amongst the Wild-Riders, his coming of age rites took place. A daggersnake caught in mid strike was young Nuadhunn's task, and to accomplish it was to lay claim to his high place as chieftain of his clan. But, no daggersnake did young Nuadhunn find on the maiden world Halathel only a famed basilisk a rare find and rarer still are those that live and tell of their encounters--for to look into a basilisks gaze is certain doom. Nuadhunn with all his cunning, celerity, and courage felled the great basilisk with only crude spear, and drenched in its blood he had received a strange and loathesome gift.

Nuadhunn returned to his kinsmen and they welcomed him warmly for he had slain a great beast and earned his title, but Nuadhunn returned no such welcome only doomed his kinsmen with his baleful and deathly gaze gifted to him from the dead basilisk.

Nuadhunn bears the curse of the basilisk for his gaze is baleful and evokes certain doom. He did claim his rank and title as chieftain amongst the wild riders for his heroic effort, but also did he lay claim to the title "Nuadhunn Bale Gaze."

Thanks for tuning in, we will have another battle report up soon.

-The Man Behind the Mask-

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