Monday, March 1, 2010

1500 pt. rematch ....

I was hanging out at Empire Games today and my friend Brandon and I decided to have another go at the ongoing conflict between his Saim-Hann Eldar and my Lileath-Aean Exodites.  It seems that there is a bit of a power struggle between the two clans.  Our first battle is recorded in an earlier post titled "Lileath-Aean Exodites vs. Saim Hann  .... 1500 pts."  Our back-story is that there was a matter of honor to be settled after the two clans had taken over an imperial city.  This dispute looks to be far from over, here is the most recent outcome of the ongoing conflict.

The army lists are as follows:

Nuadhunn Bale Gaze (Counts as Yriel of Iyanden)

Fire Dragons x6
-Exarch w/ Firepike

Striking Scorpions x10
-Exarch w/ Scorpion Claw, Shadowstrike, Stalker

Pathfinders x6

Pathfinders x6

Dire Avengers x10
-Exarch w/ Shimmershield/ Power Weapon, Defend, Bladestorm
-Wave Serpent w/ Twin-linked Bright Lance, Spirit Stones

Falcon w/ Eldar Missile Launcher, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones

Dark Reapers x5
-Exarch w/ Eldar Missile Launcher, Fast Shot

Lileath-Aean Exodites:
King Yvenaurael (counts as Avatar)

Warriorseer Sheandreal (counts as Eldrad Ulthran)

Keepers of Dreams x5 (counts as Harlequins) 
-Rhaz'ael (counts as Shadowseer w/ Veil of Tears) Troop leader x1, all with Killing Blow (counts as Harlequin Kisses)

Lileath-Aean Pathfinders x5

Lileath-Aean Pathfinders x5

Royal Guardians x10 (counts as Dire Avengers)
-Exarch w/ Shimmershield/ Power Weapon, Bladestorm

Dragon Knights x8 (counts as Howling Banshees)
-Ach'ielles (counts as Exarch w/ Executioner, Warshout, Acrobatic)
Dragon Lord on Great Dragon (counts as Wraithlord)
-Brightlance, Wraithsword, Dragons Breath (counts as 2x flamers)

Dragon Lord on Wyvern (counts as Fire Prism)
-Living Creature (counts as Vectored Engines)

Dragon Knight on Wyvern (counts as Fire Prism)
-Living Creature (counts as Vectored Engines)

This latest duel was another Seize Ground mission, using the Pitched Battle deployment.  This time we had four objectives which consisted of the Communications/Power relay, Power Cells for the relay, a Power Conductor, and a downed Space Marine (he was in  desperate need of interrogating, or torturing for taking the head of a beloved Eldar).

Here is the table with objectives, but before deployment

I ended up winning the roll off and opted to go second.  Brandon then deployed his forces at the top edge of the table.  He placed his Dark Reapers in the tower on the upper left, a unit of Pathfinders in the center ruins, and another unit of Pathfinders on the second floor of the top left building.  He left the rest of his force in reserve.

Saim-Hann Deployment 

I deployed my whole army at the bottom of the table except for one unit of Pathfinders that I infiltrated in the center left building.  

Lileath-Aean Deployment 

This is where I make my first mistake of the game.  After deployment I make a rookie move and roll to steal initiative, succeeding on a roll of a six.  *My mind then screams* It's an objective mission idiot, you wanted the last turn!  Oh well, these things happen.  

Turn 1:  I kept Sheandreal (Eldrad) in the bottom center building to support my Pathfinders and Wyvern (Fire Prism). After I casted Guide and Fortune on my Pathfinders, and Guide on my Wyvern, it was time to move.  This is where I make my second big mistake of the game.  I, in a moment of insanity, decide to run Yvenaurael (Avatar) and My Great Dragon (Wraithlord) straight at the pathfinders in front of them.  I then sent my Keepers of Dreams (Harlequins) up the right side of the board toward the Reapers.  I then moved my Dragon Knights (Banshees)  up into the cover of the crates in the center.  My Wyverns, Pathfinders, and Royal Guardians (Dire Avengers) stayed put.
On my first round of shooting My center Pathfinders fired across the board into the Saim-Hann Pathfinders taking out one of them.  I then fired one of the Prism Lances from my Wyvern into the same unit, but they all passed there cover saves.  My other Wyvern fired into the Reaper unit taking one out; followed up by some well place Pathfinder shots that took two Reapers down, leaving only one Reaper and the Exarch.  Unfortunately for me they passed morale, and were quite angry. 

Holding firm, Brandon went directly into the shooting phase.  After seeing the demise of there brethren the irate Reapers take out their aggression by firing on Yevenaurael.  After a horrible attempt at saving throws, Yvenaurael took two wounds.  The Pathfinders in the center took this moment of opportunity and quickly fired on Yvenaurael as well.  This was well rewarded.  After failing two more armor saves, I was forced to retire my most prized peice.  If that wasn't enough of a beating; Brandons second unit of Pathfinders opened up on my Great Dragon and caused one AP 1 wound and two Rending wounds, sending my Great Dragon back to the benches.  I have to say, taking out an Avatar and a Wraithlord in the first turn of the game is quite a feat. 

My Keepers of Dreams (Harlequins) try to sneak around the flanks of the Saim-Hann
My Pathfinders take aim and send some Reapers on their merry way

Something tells me we haven't heard the last from these guys though

The Reapers take out some aggression on the Exodite King in the distance

 After seizing a moment of opportunity, these Pathfinders take the Exodite King out of this battle...     

Turn 2:  After humbly sending my two prized units to the underworld (which is my display base under the table) I tried to gather my thoughts to start the second turn.  I am now realizing that there's a good chance the Saim-Hann reserves are going to come on and really give me an "ol' fashioned beat down" at the end of this turn.  I try to fleet my Keepers across the middle of the board but fail on a roll of a one.  The only other movement I carry out was the positioning of my Wyverns to fire on the Pathfinders and Reapers in the Center.
In my shooting phase, one of my Wyverns shot a dispersed shot into the center Pathfinders.  Luckily enough Brandon failed three saves!  I was stoked.  Then The Pathfinders turned and ran 8 inches off the board!  things were looking up for the Exodites.  One unit of my Pathfinders then fired on the remaining Reapers, and they took the last two out.  I was breathing a sigh of relief.  After losing two of my heaviest hitters in the first round, I managed to leave the Saim-Hann with only one unit on the table....... this was a very brief sigh of relief though.
At the beginning of Brandon's turn he managed to acquire all of his reserves.  The Scorpions outflanked on the left (his right), and he sent his Falcon and Wave Serpent 24 inches up the left (his right) flank as well.  The Scorpions "attempted" to open fire on my Keepers of Dreams, but after rolling a 3 on 2D6 (as per Veil of Tears) he only had a shooting range of 6".  This, however, was enough to take out one of my Keepers (If I only could have rolled at least a 2 in my turn none of this would have happened, grrrrrr).  The Scorpions then Charged my keepers of Dreams.  Even though the Keepers were a bit faster than the Scorpions, this didn't save them from certain doom.  The Keepers managed to take out two Scorpions before being completely wiped out by the scorpions.  After consolidation, the Scorpions were aching to get to my Pathfinders.

My Wyverns strategically positioned themselves for maximum carnage, or so they hoped

After some amazing Reserves rolls, my Keepers of Dreams had their dreams a bit dashed

Realizing they have the upper hand, these Scorpions are reeling at the chance to shed the blood of the Exodite King's Elite

With the Keeper all but taken care of, Nuadhunn (Yriel) directs the sights of his crew on the Conductor objective

The Scorpions valiantly charge the Keeper of Dreams, completely annihilating them

Turn 3:  After the tremendous beating I took in the second turn, I started to go into survival mode.  Since the center Pathfinders ran last turn, I was safe to fleet my Dragon Knights across the center to lend some help to my own Pathfinders.  Realizing that the Scorpions had to move 9 inches through difficult terrain to reach my Pathfinders, I decided to take some shots at them this turn.  Two of the Scorpions fell to my Pathfinders.  My other shooting didn't go so well.  His Falcon and Waveserpent shook off the shots from my Wyverns, and his other unit of Pathfinders laughed at my Pathfinders attempt at wounding them.
Brandons Scorpions closed in on my pathfinders, but it looked like they were going to be just out of Charge range.  He then moved his Falcon and Waveserpent over to shoot at my Wyvern.  His plan was successful, He scored a Weapon Destroyed result and chose to take my Prism Lance (counts as Prism Cannon).

      The Lileath-Aean Pathfinders just couldn't get their shots on target

Realizing their position was compromised, these Pathfinders take a few more shots before retreating back to better ground. 

The Falcon and Waveserpent unleash some real punishment on the unsuspecting Wyvern

Turn 4: Turn four started off with a bang, literally.  Since I no longer had my Prism Lance, I decided to send my Wyvern straight into Brandon's Waveserpent.  We decided that the shots killed the rider and the Wyvern went berserk and charged into the Waveserpent in retaliation.  I managed to immobilize the Waveserpent, but my Wyvern died in the process.  After that spectacular show, my Pathfinders retreated to the alley behind the building they were in.  I took some shots at the Saim-Hann Pathfinders with my other Wyvern and managed to take one out.  They passed their morale check though, they weren't going anywhere.
Brandon started his turn by disembarking Nuadhunn (Yriel) and his Dire Avengers, they quickly sprinted toward the Communications/Power relay in the center of the table.  The Scorpions slowly stalked around the side of the building, and to my every anguish, wiped out my pathfinders in a bloody combat.

After losing his rider, this Wyvern went berserk and slammed into the Waveserpent

After the collision, these Dire Avengers follow Nuadhunn toward the Communications/Power relay

These Lileath-Aean Pathfinders are hoping to remain hidden, and alive.....

....but hope was lost when the Scorpions sprung out of the shadows and wiped them out

Turns 5 & 6:  Knowing the game could end, I charged my Royal Guardians toward the Power Cells behind the storage crates.  My Pathfinders and my Wyvern fired on the Dire Avengers and ended up taking out five of them.  My Dragon Knights surprised the Scorpions by popping around the corner and charging them.  In a brilliant effort, the Dragon Knights managed to dispatch all the scorpions in that round of combat.
Brandon ended up fleeting Nuadhunn toward my approaching Dragon Knights, positioning his Pathfinders on the Marine objective, and  his Falcon dropped an eager bunch of Fire Dragons in front of my Wyvern.  The Fire Dragons made quick work of my Wyvern, successfully blasting it to pieces.  Nuadhunn made it into combat and unleashed his deadly wrath on the Dragon Knights, taking out all but Ach'ielles and one Knight.  Luckily enough Ach'ielles and his Knight were able to Take out Nuadhunn, and roll a 6 for consolidation.  I was in perfect position to take out the Dire Avengers,...... until the game ended on a roll of a 1.

These dragon Knights are ready to avenge their fallen Pathfinder brethren 

Nuadhunn leads his Dire Avengers to take the Communications/Power relay

The Saim-Hann Pathfinders pounce on the downed marine, acquiring a very valuable prisoner

The Dragon Lord and his Wyvern were no match for these Fire Dragons

Nuadhunn parts from his Dire Avengers to take out some aggression on the awaiting Dragon Knights

Despite the number advantage, Nuadhunn's Wrath attack was too much for the majority of the Knights 

In the end though, it would be Ach'ielles that would walk away victorious

With that final roll of a 1, I had to accept my defeat.  The Saim-Hann had control of two objectives, and I had only one.  The Lileath-Aean had to retreat but they did with a vital part of the Communications/Power relay, the Power Cells.  I have a feeling that the Saim-Hann are planning a mission to get them back..........

Here's how we stood when the game ended

Final Thoughts:

Lileath-Aean- I REALLY should have sent my Keepers of Dreams up the middle instead of Yvenaurael.  The  Veil of Tears would have shielded them long enough to get into close combat with the Pathfinders.  I still can't believe I lost both Yvenaurael and my Great Dragon on the first turn.  I shouldn't have moved my Pathfinders too, they probably would have been safe for one more turn.

Saim-Hann- I wish I had placed the Reapers in a better position.  I also forgot to fire with my Pathfinders twice, that hurt me a bit.  I really could have been more aggressive with my Dire Avengers and my Fire Dragons too.

I had a great time, and this is turning into a great narrative campaign.  We will be adding to this story for weeks to come.  I hope you all enjoyed this, and i promise these reports will get more and more exciting.  I am learning so much about writing these up, so i promise that they will improve.

Thanks again for your time and keep tuning in,

-The Man Behind the Mask- 


BrandonMaynard said...
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Bmaynard said...

I have a back story for my Wild Rider Chieftain:

Nuadhunn Bale Gaze descendent of Nuadhu Fireheart.

Nuadhunn had reputation for being bold and brash even amongst his kinsmen of Saim Hann, the Wild-Riders.

Before Young Nuadhunn had earned his Dakiilithyli and his place amongst the Wild-Riders, his coming of age rites took place. A daggersnake caught in mid strike was young Nuadhunn's task, and to accomplish it was to lay claim to his high place as chieftain of his clan. But, no daggersnake did young Nuadhunn find on the maiden world Halathel only a famed basilisk a rare find and rarer still are those that live and tell of their encounters--for to look into a basilisks gaze is certain doom. Nuadhunn with all his cunning, celerity, and courage felled the great basilisk with only crude spear, and drenched in its blood he had received a strange and loathesome gift.

Nuadhunn returned to his kinsmen and they welcomed him warmly for he had slain a great beast and earned his title, but Nuadhunn returned no such welcome only doomed his kinsmen with his baleful and deathly gaze gifted to him from the dead basilisk.

Nuadhunn bears the curse of the basilisk for his gaze is baleful and evokes certain doom. He did claim his rank and title as chieftain amongst the wild riders for his heroic effort, but also did he lay claim to the title "Nuadhunn Bale Gaze."