Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finished Caledonians

Here is one more addition to my Highlanders.  This is a Caledonian Volunteer with a Light Grenade Launcher.  

Grenade Launchers are pretty awesome in the game.  They can use Parabolic Fire to shoot over walls, allowing you to fire at enemies out of line of sight.  I pulled this off once and took out my opponents Lieutenant.  It was an incredibly lucky shot.   I only have a couple more models to finish and I will have 200 points completely painted.  Games are suggested played between 200 to 300 points.  I haven't played higher than 200 yet, I like the shorter faster games.  I will probably paint my S.A.S. models next.   They are my favorite models in my group.  

Here are some more pictures

I will be posting more models soon.  I will probably get some pictures of all of the finished models so far sometime this weekend.  Until next time ....

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