Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Is My Motivator Mondays .... Sound Good ??

Since life has been hectic on my end, I have found that it is easier to post my regular weekly posts on Mondays.  For this reason, I think I am going to change my Song Of The Week posts from Fridays to Mondays.   I kind of like the way "Monday Music Is My Motivator, Song Of The Week" sounds better anyway.  So from here on out I will be posting a Monday Music Is My Motivator post.

This week I posted "Sweet Talk" by Deer and the Headlights.  They are a local band here in Arizona.  I played in a band locally here in Arizona from 2004 to 2010 and I have watched these guys blossom over the years.  They are quite good, and they have been gaining a lot of ground lately.  I heard this song on Local Frequency Live on X103.9 FM the other night, I knew I had to share this one with you all this week.  I hope  you all enjoy it  .......

I couldn't leave you all without some hobby related stuff either.  Here are some pictures of my latest model for my Infinity army.  This is my Highlander Cateran Sniper.  I am LOVING this game.  I Airbrushed the 180 degree Line Of Fire marks on his base, they are crucial to game play.  I highly recommend this game to all of you.  It is a blast to play.  I will have to post some of the missions I have wrote for our tournaments at the Battle Foam Gaming Saloon.  Specific missions make this game 10X more fun.

I really need a new Photobox.  All of my pictures have been coming out too grainy lately (I am a perfectionist to the core). All of my models look far better in person, and it bugs me that the pictures look sub-par (in my opinion) when I post them.  I hope you all enjoy anyway ......

Thank for tuning in,

-The Man Behind The Mask-

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