Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Too Long !!!!!!!

Too long has it been since my last post!  My sincerest apologies go out to all of my readers.  I have trying to keep my head above water, and unfortunately my hobby has suffered.  I do have another installment to the "Assault on Veridian V." It just needs a quick run through in Photoshop.  I have also been painting some Second edition Fire Dragons for my good friend Kyle. Below are some "In Progress" photos of Fuegan, I will post further pics of the progress and some of his brethren.  I will try to kick things in gear and post more frequently, again I am sorry for the delay between posts.

This is the model I am currently painting.  I have finished the red armor and turquoise accents.  I have applied the base coat (30/70 mix of Snakebite Leather/Bleached Bone) on the gun and other details, they will be blended all the way up to Skull White.  The armor was started with a shade of 30/70 mix of Chaos Black/Red Gore.  I then applied a coat of Red Gore.  I slowly mixed in small amounts of Blood Red to help blend the layers better.  To achieve it I kept the paint very watered down.  When I got to Blood Red I added small amounts of Blazing Orange until I was using only Blazing Orange.  The Final two highlights were accomplished by adding a bit of Sunburst Yellow to the Blazing Orange.  In all there are around 10 to 12 highlights.  The turquoise accents are Hawk Turquoise blended up to a mix of 80/20 Skull White/Hawk Turquoise.      

I will post more progress as it comes along, I hope you enjoy the pics...... and as always, Thanks for tuning in!!!

-The Man Behind the Mask-

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